Definition of unemployment and youth unemployment indicators

How youth unemployment rates are affected by the transition of young adults from education to the labour market ?

 Two factors are particularly relevant. First, there is a steep rise in participation in the labour market between the ages of 15 and 24. Second, young people in education are often also employed or unemployed, so there is an overlap between the labour market and education. 

Mapping Broad-Access Higher Education

Finding new ways to teach the digital generation, bringing down the cost of a college education and ensuring that more students graduate are among the biggest challenges facing institutions of higher learning today and meeting those challenges has never been more crucial than it is now. Rethinking of how we spend time in the classroom. We need to engage them in something that would be difficult to do online, such as working together in person to solve problems or complete projects. For many fields, technology doesn’t have an application.

Female Unemployment At 25-Year High

Female unemployment accounts for only 1,000 of the total decrease of 51,000. We are starting to see a healthy increase in full time jobs with more appointments in the private sector but public sector unemployment is still falling and women are bearing the brunt. Women are being disproportionately hit by the pay freezes, pension reforms and massive jobs cull in the public sector. The governments must invest in more long term jobs to get the economy growing again. 

We Cannot Let Crisis Ruin Education

How education can change lives in a disaster ? Almost a quarter of the world’s children live in countries affected by crisis. In eastern Ukraine, about one in five schools and kindergartens have been damaged or destroyed in a conflict that has been going on for more than two years now. It seems to be largely forgotten internationally, but about 580,000 children are in urgent need of aid, and 300,000 children need help to continue their education. 

Unemployment Claims


Losing a job will often plunge people into despair but, unless they spend a lot of time hunting for a new job, unemployed people tend to stay unemployed. Time heals most wounds, but not all of them. A long-term study of how Germans reacted to various life events showed that four years after they’d lost their jobs, they still hadn’t gotten used to it being unemployed made them just as unhappy as they’d been the day they were laid off.

Unemployment Problems in Europe

The number of jobless is continuing to rise in Europe and the picture is especially bleak for young Europeans under the age of 25. In the E.U. nations as a whole, the youth unemployment rate rose to 22.8%, up from 21.7% the previous year. In Greece and Spain, that proportion is over 50%.